SolidWorks 2018 from beginner to expert


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Course subtitle

From Zero to Hero in SolidWorks effortlessly.

What will students learn in this course?

Designing a Virtual Prototype of any product in 3D.

Developing 2D drawings needed for production.

Finite Element Analysis of the Virtual Prototype

Motion Analysis of the Virtual Prototype

Photo-realistic renderings of the 3D model

Who are the target students?

Mechanical Engineering graduates

Design Engineering aspirants

CAD Designing aspirants

Course description

This course will teach you everything about SolidWorks in small and easy steps. So Every day, you can see a small video to further yourself in SolidWorks 2018.

If you forget any tool, you need not run through an hour-long video. There’s a particular video for each tool.

We will cover all the relevant tools and commands of SolidWorks.

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