5 Killer Examples of Gamified Elearning


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My Excel Class is the reply to very critical issues being faced by students of this era. Our students are not able to fully understand and  absence of can-do-anything attitude, analytical aptitude as well as global perspective is hindering their performance. Education being a costly affair, unavailability of good teachers is further fueling the situation. Then the course earned fails to boost creativity and it doesn't give him/her anything to stand in the market.

So to combat all these issues, My Excel Class was founded and promoted by Sanjeev Kumar. He chose independent experts from various fields to prepare courses that ensure immediate employment, both as an employee and as a freelancer. When the workload became exhaustive for him, he invited one of his expert course creators to join him in the management of the course. So Muhammad Aslam al Hindi joined hands with him to maintain the courses, and assist him in planning and execution.

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