In this course, we will learn the Strength of materials & Structures with AutoCAD and google sheets.

What will students learn in this course?

Professional engineers can do all calculations related to machine design, Thermodynamics, Hydraulics engineering Structural engineering, Cost estimations & anything they need to make the work to consume less time & work become easier.

Who are the target students?

A professional working in engineering industries, such as machine design, process engineering, construction industries.

Course description

Hello everyone,

In this course, you will learn in detail how you can do all engineering calculations in second with good accuracy regarding the Strength of materials & Structures.

This is part 2 of that course. we divided the “Strength of materials & Structures” course into two parts because the course is very vast and if we cover everything in one course.

As we all know MS Excel or Google sheet has so many formulas but nobody can learn all formulas or don’t need to be learn all formulas  because all formulas have divided into so many different categories means like excel formulas for an accountant, excel formulas for data analysis, formulas for engineers so, if you are an engineer then you need to calculate so many things like

I) Strength of Material and  Structures

You can do this all calculations with excel formulas in a few seconds and most important if some calculation base changes then you can edit in formulas figure or you can make your own formulas with your preset so, in a simple way, this course increases your productivity and accuracy. 

About instructor

This course is designed by an engineer who has a total of 30-year experience of engineering and 15 years of experience of excel in the real-life project, not just theatrical knowledge 

Course Curriculum

Strength of materials & Structures in MS Excel [Part 2]
lesson-01 by ramanand sir Details FREE 00:31:00
lesson 2 by ramanand Details FREE 00:44:00
lesson 03 by ramanand sir Details FREE 00:29:00
lesson04 by ramanand sir Details FREE 00:36:00
lesson-04[{1}}by ramnand sir_1 Details FREE 00:34:00
lesson05 by ramanand sir Details FREE 00:30:00
lesson05{1} by ramanand Details FREE 00:31:00
lesson05{2} by ramanand sir Details FREE 00:41:00
lesson06 Details FREE 00:31:00
lesson06(1) Details FREE 00:32:00
lesson06(2) Details 00:40:00
lesson06(3) Details 00:36:00
lesson06(4) Details 00:40:00
lesson06(5) Details 00:32:00
lesson06(6) Details 00:37:00
lesson06(7) Details 00:28:00
lesson06(8) Details 00:26:00
lesson06(9) Details 00:03:00
lesson06(10) Details 00:36:00
lesson06(11) Details 00:31:00
lesson06(12) Details 00:30:00
lesson06(13) Details 00:29:00
lesson06(14) Details 00:06:00
lesson06(15) Details 00:39:00
lesson06(16) Details 00:37:00
lesson06(17) Details 00:11:00
lesson06(18) Details 00:30:00
lesson06(19) Details 00:19:00
lesson06(20) Details 00:42:00
lesson06(21) Details 00:21:00
lesson06(22) Details 00:29:00
lesson06(23) Details 00:36:00
lesson06(24) Details 00:36:00
lesson06(25) Details 00:33:00
lesson06(26) Details 01:00:00
lesson06(27) Details 00:34:00
lesson06(28) Details 00:51:00

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      there is nothing diferent between this course and youtube free SW guids. please, for once, bring a guid that have a normal accent and not havy Indian accent. its really not come frome races point of view, and ofcourse not a personal thing ageinst Aslam, he is great at SW , and Im sure he speaks English better than Americans. But it comes from an understanding dificult. If this guid is for all the people in the world, and the language is English, use an American\British accent. much much easier! thanks and good luck for everyone!
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