Comprehensive learning videos of Unigraphics software where you will see every single step explain in detail.

What will students learn in this course?

NX tool training from scratch, CAD basics, Learn to read and interpret drawing views, CAD migration, Drafting as per ASME Drafting and documentation using ASME Y 14.5M-1994 standards in NX.

Who are the target students?

Mechanical engineer, diplomas, and professionals who need industry-oriented NX training.

Course description

These tutorials are organized in a manner that enables users to learn NX software from scratch. It will not only cover the NX tool training but also include CAD basics and its applications in the industry. This tutorial is also made, taking into consideration, the professionals who have expertise in other CAD software.

The main objective of this tutorial is to ensure the learning gap is bridged and to bring about more capable engineers who are innovative and creative. Also, most of the tools in the software will be discussed in detail, and interview related questions will be discussed as the learning sessions progress.

  • we will add new lectures into this course every week



Course Curriculum

Introduction to NX Details FREE 00:20:00
Angle of projection Details FREE 00:09:00
Two dimensional sketching Part 1 Details FREE 00:33:00
Two dimensional sketching Part 2 Details 00:23:00
Two dimensional sketching Part 3 Details 00:24:00
Modelling Part 1 Details 00:30:00
Modelling Part 2 Details 00:21:00
Reference Features Details 00:39:00
Reference Features and its Applications Details 00:20:00
CAD Interpretation And Modelling Details 00:42:00

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      Hard to understand 1

      there is nothing diferent between this course and youtube free SW guids. please, for once, bring a guid that have a normal accent and not havy Indian accent. its really not come frome races point of view, and ofcourse not a personal thing ageinst Aslam, he is great at SW , and Im sure he speaks English better than Americans. But it comes from an understanding dificult. If this guid is for all the people in the world, and the language is English, use an American\British accent. much much easier! thanks and good luck for everyone!
      Rotem Kadrawi
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