In this course, we will learn Printed circuit Board designing with auto desk eagle software everything from scratch.

What will students learn in this course?

How to make a printed circuit board.

Easily learn how to make a PCB layout from this eagle software.

It helps knowledge and develops in electronics and electricals projects.

Who are the target students?

Target students are beginners in PCB design.

Course description

PCB Design and Manufacturing

This program is designed to provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills in schematic capture and design documentation. Upon completion, participants will be able to:

· Basics Introduction of PCB

· PCB Types

· PCB Board Style

· Parts of PCB (basic electronic components)

· Know about Bread Board

· Advantages and disadvantages of the breadboard

· Definition of PCB

· Advantages and disadvantages of PCB

· Thickness of copper of PCB

· Methods of PCB Design

· Description of these methods

· Learn about Eagle PCB design software

Benefits of this course

· Knowledge of Electronics components

· Understanding of project design flow

· Experience of good learning practice

· How to design PCB schematics

Who this course is for

· People who have no experience in electronics

· Electrical and electronics engineering students

This course is updated every week


Course Curriculum

L_1 Details FREE 00:11:00
L_2 Details FREE 00:11:00
L_3 Details FREE 00:11:00
L_4 Details FREE 00:12:00
L_5 Details FREE 00:10:00
L_6 Details FREE 00:15:00
L_7 Details FREE 00:10:00
L_8 Details FREE 00:11:00
L_9 Details FREE 00:11:00
L_10 Details FREE 00:11:00
L_11 Details FREE 00:11:00
L_12 Details FREE 00:10:00
L_13 Details 00:11:00
L_14 Details 00:11:00
L_15 Details 00:12:00
L_16 Details 00:10:00
L_17 Details 00:10:00
L_18 Details 00:10:00
L_19 Details 00:11:00
L_20 Details 00:11:00
L_21 Details 00:12:00
L_22 Details 00:12:00
L_23 Details 00:12:00
L_24 Details 00:11:00
L_25 Details 00:10:00
L_26 Details 00:10:00
L_27 Details 00:10:00
L_29 Details 00:11:00
L_30 Details 00:10:00
L_31 Details 00:11:00
L_32 Details 00:11:00
L_33 Details 00:10:00
L_34 Details 00:11:00
L_35 Details 00:10:00
L_36 Details 00:10:00
L_37 Details 00:11:00
L_38 Details 00:11:00
L_39 Details 00:11:00
L_40 Details 00:10:00
L_41 Details 00:11:00
L_42 Details 00:11:00
L_43 Details 00:12:00
L_45 Details 00:14:00
L_46 Details 00:10:00
L_47 Details 00:10:00
L_48 Details 00:10:00
L_49 Details 00:11:00
L_50 Details 00:10:00
L_51 Details 00:10:00
L_52 Details 00:10:00
L_53 Details 00:10:00
L_54 Details 00:10:00
L_55 Details 00:10:00

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      there is nothing diferent between this course and youtube free SW guids. please, for once, bring a guid that have a normal accent and not havy Indian accent. its really not come frome races point of view, and ofcourse not a personal thing ageinst Aslam, he is great at SW , and Im sure he speaks English better than Americans. But it comes from an understanding dificult. If this guid is for all the people in the world, and the language is English, use an American\British accent. much much easier! thanks and good luck for everyone!
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