If you want to create your career in architecture, interior design, woodworking or engineering this is the best course.

What will students learn in this course?

3D modeling and visualization.

Who are the target students?

Students of Architecture, interior designer, product designer. 

Using SketchUp is a great way to create 3D models whether you work in architecture, interior design, woodworking, or engineering. It has a user-friendly interface with a lower learning curve than other computer-aided design programs. While it is friendly and easy to use, it is also very robust with a wide variety of tools and actions to learn. We will explore the essential tools of SketchUp so that you have a solid foundation to build your 3D modeling skills. Build your 3D modeling skills by mastering the basics of SketchUp. In this course, get up to speed with this easy-to-use 3D modeling application by gaining a foundational understanding of the drawing and design tools offered in the 2019 version of SketchUp. This tutorial covers navigating the interface, manipulating objects, drawing, leveraging organizational tools, and working with materials and textures. In addition, learn how to apply simple styles and animation to make your 3D projects more polished and presentable.

Topics include:

• Navigating SketchUp

• Creating camera views

• Configuring the toolbars on Mac and Windows

• Selecting, moving, and scaling objects

• Using the line tools for 3D drawing

• Creating rectangles, outlines, circles, and freehand shapes

• Creating 3D text

• Using the measurement and labeling tools

• Organizing drawings with groups and layers

• Creating components and using components from the 3D Warehouse

• Creating and applying materials

• Working with textures

• Rendering and animating drawings

  • we will add new lectures into this course every week



Course Curriculum

Google Sketchup
01_01-Welcome Details FREE 00:00:56
02_01-Interface Basics for Windows Details FREE 00:09:00
02_02-Navigate in SketchUp Details FREE 00:03:00
02_03-Walk around in SketchUp Details FREE 00:03:00
02_04-Shade faces and Edges Details FREE 00:07:00
02_05-Create Camera Views Details FREE 00:02:00
02_06-Create Shadows and Fog Details FREE 00:03:00
02_07-Create Multiple views using Scenes Details FREE 00:06:00
02_08-Configuring toolbars and trays Details FREE 00:04:00
03_01-Select and Move objects Details FREE 00:06:00
03_02-Scale and Rotate Objects Details FREE 00:08:00
03_03-Manipulate faces and edges Details FREE 00:04:00
03_04-Advance Selection tools Details FREE 00:04:00
04_01-Line tool fundamentals Details FREE 00:09:00
04_02-Using the Line tool in 3D drawing Details FREE 00:05:00
04_03-Eraser tools Details FREE 00:03:00
04_04-Use the Rectangle tool Details FREE 00:05:00
04_05-Create rotated rectangles Details FREE 00:06:00
04_06-Push and Pull faces into 3D Details FREE 00:08:00
04_07-Use the Offset tool to create outlines Details FREE 00:08:00
04_08-Draw curved and Freehand shapes Details FREE 00:08:00
04_09-Create circles and polygons Details FREE 00:07:00
04_10-Soften and smooth edges Details FREE 00:05:00
04_11-Use the Follow Me tool Details FREE 00:06:00
04_12-Create 3D text Details FREE 00:04:00
05_01-Use the Tape Measure to create guidelines Details 00:05:00
05_02-Use the Protractor tool Details 00:08:00
05_03-Create labels with the Text tool Details 00:03:00
05_04-Dimensioning Details 00:03:00
05_05-Create cutaways using Section planes Details 00:04:00
06_01-Group objects Details 00:05:00
06_02-Work with Layers Details 00:07:00
06_03-Use the Outliner and Entity Info Details 00:06:00
07_01-The Component Window Details 00:05:00
07_02-Create Components Details 00:08:00
07_03-Use the 3D Warehouse Details 00:06:00
07_04-Use the Component Options window Details 00:07:00
07_05-Use the Interact tool Details 00:02:00
08_01-Apply Materials Details 00:08:00
08_02-Edit Materials Details 00:06:00
08_03-Create Materials Details 00:04:00
09_01-Map textures interactively Details 00:06:00
09_02-Map curved objects Details 00:02:00
09_03-Project maps on Curved Objects Details 00:04:00
09_04-Create a floor plan using bitmap images Details 00:04:00
09_05-Draw a structure from a floor plan Details 00:08:00
10_01-Apply styles Details 00:11:00
10_02-create styles Details 00:10:00
10_03-Edit styles 1 Details 00:14:00
10_03-Edit styles 2 Details 00:16:00
10_04-Export in 2D and 3D Details 00:15:00
10_05-Basic animation Details 00:15:00
11_01-course overview and settings Details 00:12:00
11_02-navigate in sketchup Details 00:07:00
11_03-drawing tools Details 00:19:00
11_04-transformation tools Details 00:16:00
11_05-floor plan pt 1 Details 00:10:00
12_01-layered floorplan Details 00:16:00
12_02-windows Details 00:14:00
12_03-doors Details 00:12:00
12_04-adding text and dimensions Details 00:18:00
12_05-importing CAD file Details 00:20:00
12_06-creating walls Details 00:14:00
13_01-creating opennings Details 00:35:00
13_02-windows Details 00:19:00
13_03-doors Details 00:16:00
13_04-kitchen Details 00:22:00
13_05-kitchen fixtures Details 00:33:00
13_06-section plain and imports Details 00:13:00
14_01-apply material Details 00:24:00
14_02-editing materials Details 00:19:00
14_03-creating material Details 00:22:00
14_04-image as background Details 00:20:00
14_05-false ceiling Details 00:24:00
14_06-creating false ceiling from CAD Details 00:21:00
15_01-camera tools Details 00:13:00
15_02-shadows Details 00:21:00
15_03-exporting interior views Details 00:22:00
15_04-interior styles basics Details 00:17:00
15_05-interior styles advance Details 00:13:00
16_01-editing edge settings Details 00:41:00
16_02-editing face settings Details 00:24:00
16_03-editing background settings Details 00:16:00
16_04-editing watermark settings Details 00:27:00

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