Learn AutoCAD in detail the easy way.

What will students learn in this course?

Creating 2D drawings using the most famous drawing software AutoCAD

Who are the target students?

Graduate in Engineering, ESC. Mechanical, Civil

Graduate in Architecture

Diploma holder in Engineering


Course description

This course will teach you everything in such detail that you will be able to draft any 2D drawings effortlessly and you won’t go on the back foot when developing manufacturing drawings. The students will find the training easy to grasp and quickly apply in real-life working. All the basic and advanced commands have been discussed comprehensively.

Course Curriculum

AutoCad-L01 Details FREE 00:45:00
AutoCad-L02 Details FREE 00:32:00
AutoCad-L03 Details FREE 00:36:00
AutoCad-L04 Details FREE 00:38:00
AutoCad-L-05 Details FREE 00:47:00
Autocad-L-06 Details FREE 00:32:00
AutoCad-L-07 Details FREE 00:27:00
AutoCad-L-08 Details FREE 00:46:00
AutoCad-L-09 Details FREE 00:49:00
AutoCad-L-10 Details FREE 01:06:00
AutoCad-L-10.1 Details FREE 01:02:00
Autocad-L-11 Details 00:26:00
Autocad-L-11.1 Details 00:40:00
AutoCad-L-12 Details 01:05:00
AutoCad-L-13 Details 00:30:00
Autocad-L-13.1 Details 00:32:00
AutoCad-L-13.2 Details 00:36:00
AutoCad-L-14 Details 00:34:00
AutoCad-L-14.1 Details 00:36:00
AutoCad-L-14.2 Details 00:35:00
AutoCad-L-14.3 Details 00:28:00
AutoCad-L-15 Details 00:41:00

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