Learn Advanced AutoCAD in detail the easy way.

What will students learn in this course?

Creating advanced level 2D drawings using AutoCAD

Who are the target students?

Graduate in Engineering esp. Mechanical, Civil

Graduate in Architecture

Diploma holder in Engineering


Course description

This course will teach you everything in such detail that you will be able to draft any typical 2D drawing effortlessly and you won’t go on the back foot when developing complex manufacturing drawings. The students will find the training easy to grasp and quickly apply in real-life working. All the basic and advanced commands have been discussed comprehensively.

Note: If you have not learned our course ‘AutoCAD Comprehensive Training Lectures’, Please learn that beforehand. This course is in continuation of that course. The basic course is free to learn.

Course Curriculum

AutoCad-L01 Details FREE 00:45:00
AutoCad-L02 Details FREE 00:32:00
AutoCad-L03 Details FREE 00:36:00
AutoCad-L04 Details FREE 00:38:00
AutoCad-L-05 Details FREE 00:47:00
Autocad-L-06 Details FREE 00:32:00
AutoCad-L-07 Details FREE 00:27:00
AutoCad-L-08 Details FREE 00:46:00
AutoCad-L-09 Details FREE 00:49:00
AutoCad-L-10 Details FREE 01:06:00
AutoCad-L-10.1 Details FREE 01:02:00
Autocad-L-11 Details 00:26:00
AutoCad-L-12 Details 01:05:00
AutoCad-L-13 Details 00:30:00
Autocad-L-13.1 Details 00:32:00
AutoCad-L-13.2 Details 00:36:00
AutoCad-L-14 Details 00:34:00
AutoCad-L-14.1 Details 00:36:00
AutoCad-L-14.2 Details 00:35:00
AutoCad-L-14.3 Details 00:28:00
AutoCad-L-15 Details 00:41:00
AutoCad-L-16 Details 00:28:00
AutoCad-L-16.1 Details 00:43:00
AutoCad-L-16.2 Details 00:35:00
AutoCad-L-17 Details 00:33:00
AutoCad-L-17.1 Details 00:31:00
AutoCad-L-18 Details 00:44:00
AutoCad-L-19 Details 00:52:00
autoCad-L-19.1 Details 00:31:00
AutoCad-L-20 Details 00:42:00
AutoCad-L-21 Details 00:17:00
AutoCAD_3D_1_INTRODUCTION Details 00:11:00
AutoCAD_3D_2_POLYSOLID Details 00:22:00
AutoCAD_3D_3_BOX_WEDGE_CONE_SPHERE Details 00:30:00
AutoCAD_3D_4_ CYLINDER_PYRAMID_TORUS Details 00:30:00
AutoCAD_3D_5_EXTRUDE_LOFT Details 01:04:00
AutoCAD_3D_6_REVOLVE Details 00:37:00
AutoCAD_3D_7_SWEEP_PRESSPULL Details 00:30:00
AutoCAD_3D_9_SLICE_THICKEN_IMPRINT Details 00:36:00
AutoCAD_3D_10_SOLID_EDITING Details 00:45:00

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      Hard to understand 1

      there is nothing diferent between this course and youtube free SW guids. please, for once, bring a guid that have a normal accent and not havy Indian accent. its really not come frome races point of view, and ofcourse not a personal thing ageinst Aslam, he is great at SW , and Im sure he speaks English better than Americans. But it comes from an understanding dificult. If this guid is for all the people in the world, and the language is English, use an American\British accent. much much easier! thanks and good luck for everyone!
      Rotem Kadrawi
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