My Excel Class



Peter Anderson


Washingtom DC


Peter has 8 years of business experience running a small manufacturing company and 10 years of academic experience teaching quantitative business classes using Excel (Statistics, Accounting, and Math). First, as a business person, and second, as an academic, he have seen the importance of computer applications (particularly the world’s default program, Excel) in bringing efficiency to all aspects of a business. As a business person in the early 1990’s he saw how spreadsheets and databases transformed his ability to make quantitative calculations and analyze data and in turn increase productivity and enhance business decision making. As an academic, he has studied ceaselessly in an attempt to make complicated quantitative calculations and data analysis an effortless and joyful task. He teaches his students the techniques to do this, and he helps clients to do the same.
As a business person the company he ran, won numerous awards for product and marketing innovation. As an academic, he has continuously innovated by bring computer programs (primarily Excel) into the Statistics/Math/Accounting classroom as well as by delivering class content through DVD’S videos.
Quantitative calculations, data analysis and continual innovation are what he loves to do. Teaching others quantitative calculations and data analysis is what he loves to do even more!
Currently he has over 2,000 Excel Videos.