My Excel Class


We're here in the market for reasons, not a reason.


Immediate Employment

Our courses are more about in field skills and less about shallow theoretical knowledge, you're ready to work after course. So you can not only work on job, but also on freelance projects.


Handpicked Teachers

We have explored the education sphere throughout the world to find out the competent and competitive instructors to create the courses for you. So no need to adjust with the instructors who don't bother your learning.

detailedDetailed but Interesting

Our course module is detailed to let you grasp the full picture. At the same time, it is easy to understand and follow. We have kept it interesting through practice workbooks to let you not only listen but to act upon.


Universal Compatibility

The course kit is burnt on microSD card. So you don't need to stick to any obsolete technology. You can view the course in your PC or laptop using a card reader, directly in your tablet or mobile.


Fractions of Market Price

Our courses have been priced so low that even financially underprivileged student can order them. You can find our prices to be even less than the half of current market price.


Multi Tasking

There's a lot of time in which you do nothing but to wait for the process to complete. You can just take out your tablet or mobile to utilize this time in building expertise.




Study Rest-in-Chair Mode

The self teaching course kit will knock at your door. You don't need to knock on any coaching center or so after facing heavy traffic daily. Just sit and watch.


Attitude decides Your Altitude

The video steps are so comprehensive that you can learn it whether you are a beginner or an expert. The only requirement is your willingness to learn.


No Geographical Limitations

The course kit can be shipped anywhere in India. All that needed is you showing your willingness to learn.


Diverse Course Array

We offer hundreds of courses across different streams of expertise. You'll surely find a course which fit well with you.


Learn at Your Own Pace

The course videos are in front of you when you want to see them. It's up to you when you want to take time from your schedule for learning.


No Internet required

You just need to get the course kit shipped to you. Once you receive it, just plug in the micro SD card and start learning.