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SolidWorks 2015 – A Powerful 3D design solution for rapid creation of parts, assemblies and 2D drawings with minimal training.
Every one of us has certain design requirements that we want to accomplish. In the whole life of a Design Engineer, there are certain areas that he works in full expertise. But rest of the features in a CAD solution die useless for him. He even wants to put a glance on them all his life. So if the software is too complex, the Design Engineer will feel more troubled with those useless features which He is not going to use. They work like road blocks at times in his life without him getting a cue of what to do with it.

Now here is the real dilemma with a CAD solution:-
1. It needs to be specific to a particular user and should not offer more than what he actually needs.
2. But in the meantime, it should be usable by all the designer community. It can’t be customized solution for each individual due to very high incurring costs.

Why to use SolidWorks 2015?

So here is the solution: – SolidWorks 2015
It has rich and complex functionalities and design capabilities that one can use with a simple and dynamic interface. You can pick up desired functionalities at your active interface and hide useless ones from the active interface. The rules of this ‘Game’ fairly simple and comprehensive. You can easily learn them and work out any design of your choice with use of your mind.

What we can do with SolidWorks
1. We can make up new parts, assemble them and then create drawings for the parts or the assemblies.
2. Further we can assign material to a part and get its mass-volume properties.
3. We can test a part or an assembly of moderate complexity under various loading conditions. We can analyze how much the part will bend under what force, how much force it will bear and hence optimize our design for least material required for any specific loading requirement.
4. We can see how the fluid flows through a part or an assembly of part using SolidWorks FloXpress.
5. Other than this, we can analyze the stress behavior of a critical part in motion, calculate various dynamic functions of a part in motion.
6. You can create models of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) using CircuitWorks which function like a real circuit.
7. You can use SolidWorks Costing to work out the cost of production by specifying the costs of materials used and processes applied.
8. Using SolidWorks Design Checker, you can check dimensioning standards, fonts, materials, sketches and other design elements as against the specified design criteria.
9. You can verify whether can part can be manufactured or not using DFMXpress.
10. A path of pipes, tubes or electrical cables can be built between components using SolidWorks Routing.

There are many more to explore in SolidWorks.

Why choose for our Video Series?

  • We cover every possible design element of SolidWorks that is going to be of your use.
  • In each of our video, we do not put up only the selected parts of the tutorial video. We show you from start to finish giving you the intricate details and showing you how it goes in real life. Any function failure is seen in many of the videos which give you a good idea of what to do and what not to do.
  • In every video, we start from zero so that you are not hung at any stage of designing without having a clue of getting out of it. Following our video tutorials, you can very easily learn the parts.
  • We show you the designing of products that are actually accomplished in the design industry. Things are practical, not theoretical. You know what the difference between theoretical and practical one is.


After complete this course you will able to do all this.

SolidWorks 2015 Module 1 (Various Sketch Entities)
01 Part Sketch 2D Line
02 Part Sketch 2D Circle Polygon
03 Part Sketch 2D Rectangle Fillet Champher
04 Part Sketch 2D Spline Slot Arc Ellipse
05 Part Sketch 2D Text Point
06 Part Sketch 2D Trim
07 Part Sketch 2D Offset Mirror Pattern Move Copy Rotate Scale Stretch
08 Part Sketch 2D Rapid Sketch
09 Part Sketch 3D Plane Convert Intersection
10 Part Sketch Zoom
11 Part Sketch Keyboard Shortcut Relation
12 Part Sketch More Keyboard Shortcuts
13 Part Sketch Importing an Image
14 Part Sketch View
15 Part Sketch Importing an Image
16 Part Sketch Block
17 Part Sketch Smart Dimension
18 Part Sketch Belt Chain
19 Part Sketch Replace Entity
20 Part Sketch Giving Color, Thickness and Style to a Sketch Entity

SolidWorks 2015 Module 2 (Various Feature Entities)
21 Part Feature Extrude 1
22 Part Feature Extrude 2
23 Part Feature Saving in many file formats
24 Part Feature Revolve
25 Part Feature Extruded Cut Fillet
26 Part Feature Revolved Cut
27 Part Feature Section View
28 Part Feature Loft
29 Part Feature Sweep
30 Part Feature Lofted Cut
31 Part Feature Swept Cut 1
32 Part Feature Swept Cut 2
33 Part Feature Boundary Boss
34 Part Feature Boundary Cut
35 Part Feature Linear Circular Pattern
36 Part Feature Rib
37 Part Feature Draft
38 Part Feature Shell
39 Part Feature Wrap
40 Part Feature Mirror
41 Part Feature Helix Spring Thread Unified Inch
42 Part Feature Instant 3D Rebuild
43 Part Feature Surface Extrude Intersect
44 Part Feature Surface Revolve
45 Part Feature Surface Sweep
46 Part Feature Loft and Trim Surface
47 Part Feature Boundary Surface
48 Part Feature Surface Freeform
49 Part Feature Filled Surface
50 Part Feature Ruled Surface
51 Part Feature Surface Planar Offset Flatten Fillet Delete Replace Extend
52 Part Feature Surface Untrim Knit Thicken Thickened Cut Cut with Surface
53 Part Feature Curve Project Curve Composite Curve and Curve thru Reference points
54 Part Feature Gear Involute
55 Gear Spur Using Equation in Smart Dimension
56 Part Feature Gear Rack and Pinion
57 Part Feature Gear Helical Herringbone
58 Part Feature Gear Rack with Helical Pinion
59 Part Feature Gear Worm and Worm Wheel
60 Part Feature Reorder a Feature
61 Part Feature Scale
62 Part Feature Insert Part Move or Copy Body Indent
63 Part Feature Deform Point
64 Part Feature Deform Curve to Curve
65 Part Feature Deform Surface Push
66 Part Feature Flex Bend Twist Taper Stretch
67 Part Feature Combine Bodies Split Body Delete Body

SolidWorks 2015 Module 3 (Assembly)
68 Assembly Insert Remove Move or Rotate a Part Standard Mate
69 Assembly Typical Problems when mating
70 Assembly How to make and mate a Cam
71 Assembly Slot Mate
72 Assembly Hinge Mate
73 Assembly Gear Mate
74 Assembly Rack Pinion Mate
75 Assembly Screw Mate
76 Assembly Universal Joint Mate

SolidWorks 2015 Module 4 (Drawing)
77 Drawing Dimension, Text, Views, Scale and Sheet Format
78 Drawing Various Views Standard 3-Projected-Section-Detail-Broken-out-Break

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