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Comprehensive MS EXCEL 2010 video lecture (DVD)


    Now you can learn MS EXCEL from home with this DVD. This DVD has been designed for them who want to learn according to their free time as they are busy in other activities also like their jobs, in colleges in house hold course etc.

    It saves your cost of traveling like cost of petrol on arriving coaching centers, it provides safety from the accident that may happens on the way, is saves time that can consume on arriving coaching centers and that time can be used in learning more things.

    These lectures are made by a team of twenty-two persons. Half of them researched for the lectures of excel all over the world. They made their own lecture series from the best lectures they found. The necessary topics for everyone in daily use

    This enthusiastic introduction provides support for MS Excel beginners and focuses on using the program immediately for maximum efficiency. With explicit information on everything from rows, columns, and cells to subtotaling, sorting, and pivot tables, this guide aims to alleviate the frustrations that come with using the program for the first time. This manual offers strategies for avoiding problems and streamlining efficiency and assists readers from start to finish, turning Excel 2010 novices into experts.

    Compressive MS excel video DVD’ actually tells the story of what you can do with Excel from beginning to end. No bits are left out. You get the complete story of how to build a foundation of Excel skills that will enable you to accomplish any of your goals at work, home, or play. However, this DVD is not just for beginners. Because most Excel users have never been given the complete story of how Excel works, this DVD will provide an excellent foundation for beginners as well as for more advanced users.

    The DVD is for Beginner Level Excel people. However…. most DVDs are designed to give you just enough Excel to get by; this DVD is different. It gives you a complete foundation in Excel. How to do things and what to avoid – so that you don’t end up in a bind later on.

    It is also really good for someone who has to self-study to get a better job where they rely on Excel

    Along the way, you will learn 43 Excel Efficiency Rules to make your life easier in Excel.

    After complete this course you will able to do all this.

    1_ How Excel Is Set Up, Customize Ribbon and Toolbar

    2_ Excel 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts Are Fast!

    3_ Data Into Information_ SUMIFS, PivotTable, Verifying Formulas _ Data

    4_ Table Format Structure For Raw Data _ Data Analysis

    5_ Excel Table Feature (Excel as Database)

    6 Number Formatting As Decimal, Date, Time, Percentage

    7_ Excel Data Alignment_ Pitfalls & Advantageous Tricks

    8_ Excel Stylistic Formatting

    9_ Excel Page Setup For Reports Large or Small

    10_ Excel Cell Styles and Table Styles

    11_ Comprehensive Excel Formula Creation Guide (Formula Types, Elements)

    12_ How Excel Formulas Are Evaluated Order of Operations Excel 1Formulas

    13_ Putting Cell References In Formulas (3 Methods)

    14_ Percentage Increase Or Decrease Formulas

    15_ Cell References in Formulas_ Relative, Absolute, Mixed

    16: Relative, Absolute, Mixed Cell Ranges & Adding With Two Criteria

    17_ Mixed Cell References & Orientation of Formula Inputs

    18_ What If and Scenario Analysis in Excel

    19_ Worksheet, WorkDVD3-D Cell References, Arrange All Feature

    20_ Efficient Use Of Cell Ranges in Formulas. Insert Row, Range Updates.

    21_ Benefits of Insert Function Dialog Box. FV Function Example

    22_ Averaging without Zeros AVERAGEIF function or Replace Feature

    23 PMT Function For Loan Payment

    24_ Defined Names, Create Names From Selection & Name Manager

    25_ AND and OR Criteria For Adding, Counting, and Averaging Formulas

    26_ SUMPRODUCT Function (12 Examples)

    27_ IF function (12 Examples), AND OR functions, Nesting Ifs

    28_ VLOOKUP Function & Data Validation Dropdown List (11 Examples)

    29_ MATCH Function To Compare Two Lists, Tables or Databases

    30_ INDEX & MATCH Function For Unusual Lookup Situations (10 Examples)

    31_ ROUND Function — When & How To Use ROUND

    32_ 3 Types Of Averages AVERAGE, MEDIAN, MODE, COUNTIF Functions

    33_ RANK Functions _ Excel 2010 Compatibility Functions RANK.AVE RANK.EQ

    34_ Goal Seek What If Analysis_2

    35_ Basic Array Formulas _ Functions

    36_ Custom Number Format _ the TEXT function

    37_ Sort Sorting in Excel, Data Analysis (Sorting 20 Examples)

    38_ Data Analysis Subtotal Feature (9 Examples)

    39_ Data Analysis Pivot Tables _ Pivot Charts, PivotTables _ PivotCharts

    40_ Grouping Dates in PivotTables_ Years, Months or Weeks, and more

    41_ Blanks (Empty Cells) or Text in Number Fields PivotTable Trouble

    42_ PivotTable Slicers, Report Filter _ Show Report Filter Pages

    43_ 5 Special PivotTables __ Changing Functions and Calculations

    44_Data Analysis Filter Feature_ Extract Data Based on Criteria

    45_ PivotTables Treat Integer _ Decimal Numbers Differently inGrouping

    46_ Advanced Filter For Extracting Records From Data Set (12 Examples)

    47_ Text To Columns Last Name First Name _ Address

    48_ Importing Data Into Excel From Excel, Text File, Access, Web Query

    49_ Complete Lessons On Excel Charts (26 Examples)

    50_ Conditional Formatting (12 Examples)

    51_ Find and Replace _ Go To Special

    52_ Recorded Macros

    53_ Defined Name Formula Dynamic Ranges For Charts and Array Formulas

    If you complete the entire DVD, you will have enough Excel to:

    1. Impress the interviewer on a job interview

    2. Become more valuable to your boss

    3. Have enough Excel to be the Excel star in your office

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