My Excel Class


Issues with Current Education system

1. Our students study a great deal, but don't understand even a fraction of it.

2. There is least emphasis on the development of can-do-anything attitude in our students.

3. The students are away from inquisitive attitude and in absence of anaytical aptitude, they just accept the conclusions drawn by the majority.

4. No global perspective to visualize any issue is developed in the student.

5. Good teachers are not accessible to the majority.

6. The skills developed through any degree program are irrelevant in the job market and the student needs to be trained by the company which employs him/her.

7. Innovation and creativity are absent in the education.

8. The course is so prepared that it encourages them to be employee but not entrepreneur.

9. Education is not affordable for the poor.

10. A lot of time is wasted in traveling to the institute.

Finally, our future is getting wasted and spoiled in the rotten education system.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are independent experts from industry. We chose only those who have the stamina to think freely, work under pressure, problem solving attitude and brain to innovate. Our instructors make sure that all the content is easy to comprehend and follow and practically applicable. They have reflected their years of industry experience in the video courses developed by them.

 Motivating I m Possible Joyful Creative
More than studies, a student needs motivation to propel his career in the right direction. Teacher is the right person, on right time, and at right time to motivate you. So are ours.Our staff teaches impossible as i m possible. It is the role of a teacher to make his/her students explore new boundaries. So impossible needs to be thrown out.Learning is joyful, if the teacher is joyous. We have selected those teachers who are pleasant to talk to. This we do to ensure better grasp of the content by students.Our teachers try using new and new methods of teaching you to make you understand the course to its fullest. Of course, we believe in expertise, not in syllabus completion.